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BgITExchange is a web site, that provides on-line IT services, created and maintained by bgITExchange, referred to herein collectively as "", "Our", "We", "Us".

Refer to the following paragraphs which explain the use of the information provided by you to us.

We do not collect any Personal Information from you unless you voluntarily provide it to us.

You provide information to us at several points including but not limited to Registration, Post Projects, Bid for Projects, Sell Services, Buy Services. Note that this site is for use of individuals who are above 18 years of age. We do not take information from individuals who are under 18 years of age.

We do not Sell or Rent your Personal Information to any third parties unless we receive specific instructions from you to do the same.

If you are a Service Supplier (SELL PROFILE) your Information will be released to potential Buyers who may be interested in your services.
If you are a Project Owner (BUY PROFILE) your information will be released to Project Winners chosen by you for executing the project. 
Such release of information is necessary to get the whole process working.

You have the Power to modify most of your personal data (excluding User name, Password, E-mail) at any point in time using the 'Edit your Profile' option. This feature will overwrite any previous such data and we do not keep a backup of such data.

Any Loss of information because of Computer / Software failures may result in Loss of information. You agree that such risks are part of any computer based system and that is not responsible nor liable for any such potential Loss.

Your Information released to third parties by us will be bound by the Privacy Policies of such third parties.

Our programs may Access your computer by the way of cookies or may access information that is provided by your browser. You agree that any information available to us by way of browser or by way of cookies is given to us voluntarily by you.

We use standard methods to store your information. All the information provided by you to us is stored in database engines on our Server. We are not responsible if any third party gains access to the database because of some security breach. You agree that this potential risk will give access to all your data to any potential intruder and you agree that is NOT responsible to pay damages of any kind for such security breach.

This Privacy Policy if Amended at any point in time will be updated to our website and you are advised to constantly check this document. You agree that you are bound by all the subsequent Amendments to this documents and that they take effect from the moment the Privacy Policy is Posted on our Web Site. reserves the right to monitor, review, retain and/or disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, legal process or governmental request at any time. You grant us the right to disclose the information provided by you using any forms of our web site to any third parties at our sole discretion. So, the Information provided by you may be released to other parties or displayed at certain portions of our Web Site at our Sole discretion.

You agree that this Privacy Policy is part of our Terms Of Service and that you are bound by all the terms of TOS - By using web site you agree that you are bound by the TOS and agree to our Privacy Policy.

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