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ICT Development Agency
Macroeconomic stability:
- Sustained economic growth (5-7% on average per year in 2002-2005);
- Stable and predictable business environment;
- Bulgaria credit rating for the last year has been upgraded 3 times by all major credit agencies (Moody’s: B1 Nov 2001, S&P: BB Nov 2001, Fitch: BB Jan 2002);
- Friendly environment to Bulgarian and foreign investment and balanced development of small, medium and big business;
Investment policy
Improvement of the trade balance
Fiscal policy

Building business bridges

Offering Bulgarian products and services to Korean companies
Business opportunities
The site is dedicated to creating and promoting business ties between Bulgaria and Korea. website offers Bulgarian companies the opportunity to offer their products, services and present business opportunities directly to Korean companies. If you are a foreign company interested in exploring business opportunities in Bulgaria in a wide range of fields, or perhaps using Bulgaria as a base for penetrating Europe’s lucrative markets, you are highly encouraged to visit our website offerings and/or contact us by filling this form.
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